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Rafael Longo 4 posts Joined 08/07
30 Aug 2007
How teradata handles EBCDIC data?

Hello, How Teradata handles EBCDIC data when the data is fastloaded into it? What would happen to EBCDIC characters when data is fastloaded into teradata from mainframe? For example, x'15'(New Line) characters are kept as x'0a' or converted to x'0a'(LF)?

Jim Chapman 449 posts Joined 09/04
31 Aug 2007

Character data is stored internally in the server character set that is designated for that column in the table definition (default is LATIN1, a superset of ASCII). The mapping of character and control codes from EBCDIC to LATIN1 is documented in Appendix D of the "International Character Set Support" reference manual.Since the EBCDIC NL (0x15) character has no standard equivalent in LATIN1, Teradata maps it to 0xd5 (uppercase O with tilde). I don't know why that particular mapping was chosen, but it probably goes back to the very earliest version of Teradata. The bottom line is: If character data is to be shared by both ASCII and EBCDIC clients, it should only use characters and control codes that are common to both character sets.

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