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casper 1 post Joined 03/10
17 Mar 2010
How many sessions maximum can be assigned

Hi ,

Thanks for checking this qs

We have a system of 8 nodes and 80 amps with 12 PE's.

What is the max no of sessions that can be assigned at a given point of time

is there any formula for this

Jim Chapman 449 posts Joined 09/04
17 Mar 2010

Each PE can handle 120 sessions. There is a tunable limit on the number of network-connected sessions per gateway, and the maximum that has been certified is 1200. Prior to Teradata 13.0, there was a limit of one gateway per node. It is now possible to configure multple gateways per node under some conditions.

ramubindu 10 posts Joined 06/08
17 Mar 2010


i have some doubte regarding 12 PE's.Each node have 2 PE's but the above is saying 8 nodes and 80 AMP's with 12 PE's .how can 12 PE's it should come 16 PE's .

can you please give me clarification.
i am waiting for your warm reply.

vratnam 6 posts Joined 09/12
22 Sep 2012

i have 1Tb teradata warehouse and single node this architecture it contains how many PE/AMP/SESSIONS is there give me full explanation

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