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kunokb 14 posts Joined 08/11
07 Oct 2011
How can I maintain referential integrity between TEMPORAL tables?

I've read the most relevant references from the TD 13.10 documents, but as I see, only soft RI-s are available with temporality - so you must do it yourself...

Which is the most acceptable (and also the simplest) solution maintaining RI's between temporal tables? TRIGGERs?

kunokb 14 posts Joined 08/11
30 Oct 2011

The TD 13.10's "Temporal Table Support" reference contains the appendix D, which is helping to validating temporal referential integrity manually...

It offers a set of solution (in SQL code, containing various cases) and says that the most acceptable way is to embed these codes into triggers. Only the "how" is missing...

The main problem's description is found here:
Problem with enforcing TEMPORAL RI with triggers in TD 13.10...
and the latest is here:
How can I embed a WITH clause into a SELECT statement in Teradata 13.10?

kunokb 14 posts Joined 08/11
05 Nov 2011

Anyone who is familiar with TD's temporal support? It would be important in my thesis...

mmatten 17 posts Joined 06/07
11 Jul 2012

I'm current looking for answers too.

I'm was suprised to find that only soft RI is available and it seems like a bit of a 'cop out' to sling a load of SQL into the end of the Temporal support documentation.

Oh well, perhaps it's coming in a release soon.

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