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seokui 2 posts Joined 05/15
20 May 2015
How can I get the IndexName from Dictionary?

Hi everybody. 

How can i get the IndexName from Dictionary Table or View?


I'm using this query. but the result is null. 

'IndicesX''s IndexName is also null.


Is there other table or view contains index name?


select IndexName from Indices

where DatabaseName = 'DBC'

and Tablename = 'AccessRights'

dnoeth 4628 posts Joined 11/04
20 May 2015

If IndexName returns NULL there's no name.
In Teradata constraints don't need names (of course it's good practice to name it) and if you don't specify a name the systen doesn't create one (most DBMSes will automatically name based on tablename and timestamp or similar).


seokui 2 posts Joined 05/15
20 May 2015

Thank you dnoeth. You are right ~

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