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tdgi 31 posts Joined 02/08
15 Feb 2011
Higa charts?

Hi there!
Where does one get the Higa chart tools from? I saw an earlier post on one of the blogs that had a copy for TD 12, but what about TD 13.0 and 13.10?

My employer is about to do some benchmarking where we'll set up and test several different database platforms on identical hardware, potentially leading up to a major purchase, and it'd be helpful to have some nice presentation tools to show off Teradata's numbers. I'm the one pitching Teradata internally, so I've got to make this look good! :)

Thanks in advance!!

tdgi 31 posts Joined 02/08
18 Feb 2011

Are these something that are supposed to be generally available?


Jimm 298 posts Joined 09/07
19 Feb 2011

From Google:

tdgi 31 posts Joined 02/08
21 Feb 2011

Saw that before I even posted here. Unfortunately, those won't run with TD 13 or 13.10.

Thanks though!

Jimm 298 posts Joined 09/07
21 Feb 2011

Try posting a message on Woody's blog.

Woody 16 posts Joined 10/09
03 May 2011

Just stumbled upon this. Those should work on TD13. Let me know if they don't and what issue you have with them.

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