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12 Aug 2015
Help to Interpret DBQL logging for JDBC running Stored Procedures.

I have an application connected via JDBC. the App queries 3 tables using 3 Stored procedures each having 1 select statement.
After users complained about performance I checked thier concurrency levels. I had them run a search for one value. The 3 Procs(call statements) were logged 30 Times each in DBQL. (Total 90), plus an additional 90 using stements with matching requestnum for each call
Of the 90 Calls logged I expected 45 to be the number of actual calls. 
Only 41 had using statements that consumed CPU. 
Question, How many times did each proc get submitted?

tomnolan 594 posts Joined 01/08
13 Aug 2015

Does your application use a PreparedStatement or CallableStatement to call the stored procedure?
If yes, then please be aware that the prepare operation is logged separately from the execute operation in DBQL.
You can distinguish a prepare operation in DBQL because the QryLogV.NumSteps column value will be zero for a prepare operation.

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