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rithu 3 posts Joined 08/12
02 Aug 2012
Help needed in teradata recursive sql

I am trying to concatenate the values of  a column  from multiple rows  into a single column

1 a

1 b

1 c

2 a

2 e

3 a

4 d


I want the o/p as 1 a:b:c

                             2 a:e

                             3 a

                             4 d

I am new to teradata can anyone help me forming the SQL for this requirement


ulrich 816 posts Joined 09/09
02 Aug 2012

Did you google 

teradata recusive sql? this should give you some ideas.

This one might also gives an example

please be aware that the \ need to be removed from the query

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rithu 3 posts Joined 08/12
03 Aug 2012

Thanks a ton!!! I worked for me

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