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17 Jul 2012
Help defining Partition


I need your advice on this:

I have a insurance model to load the data from diferent companies (customers, events, etc) in TD12

I currently have some tables, mainly event tables,  partitioned by date, but since now I will be loading othe companies info I´m thinking that I should partition them by date AND Company. 

The reason I´m not sure on how to do this is because the Company_Id is a Party_Id so the Companies currently defined have a small ID, but is possible that another company is defined in the future and its Id wont be < 65000.

Is ther a way to manage this? can I use range_n or case_n to solve this?

Thanks in advance...

Qaisar Kiani 337 posts Joined 11/05
17 Jul 2012

You can probably use a different table to generate a new surrogate key value against the IDs of the company_id / party_id. You can mark this newly generated surrogate key as the PI in this table, so even the joining cost wont be too high!

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