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john9 30 posts Joined 05/14
16 Sep 2014
Handling NULL values in the data

Hi -
Can you please help how to handle below situation in teradata...
There are some records from the source whoch has NULL in the data itself ....for example
John is from teraNULLdata corpNULLoration
when i am trying to load these through mload its failing.I am able to find these NULL when i open the file in notepad ++
Thank you

Raja_KT 1246 posts Joined 07/09
16 Sep 2014

If the file is in unix, I could have done sed:
example: sed -e 's/NULL//g'? Can you try this before really impementing, if it is good for you.

Raja K Thaw
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john9 30 posts Joined 05/14
16 Sep 2014

Thanks raja ....I did try doing sed on the file and it worked but just want to know is there any way that we can handle in teradat code.

khatriprad 12 posts Joined 12/10
16 Sep 2014

Have u tried loading data by specfying fixed width of the columns


john9 30 posts Joined 05/14
18 Sep 2014

I think i am good we did sed for one time but the source team is fixing the file...Thank all

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