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vinodk 4 posts Joined 11/06
30 Nov 2006
Getting Table names and COlumns names from a Query (Reverse Engineering)

Hi All,I have Queries in teradata, from which I need to reverse engineer and get the table names and column names. To explain more, please consider the following example:QuerySELECT NAME, AGE, DEPT FROM EMPLOYEE EMP, DEPARTMENT DEP WHERE EMP.EMPID=DEP.EMPIDWhat I need is if there is any tool available, where in, if I paste the above query, I should get the output as given below:TABLE NAME(S)              COLUMN NAME(S)~~~~~~~~~~              ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~EMPLOYEE                            NAMEEMPLOYEE                            AGEDEPARTMENT                       DEPTIf there is no tool available as such to get the above result, can anyone suggest some work around to get the above done?Thanks in advance.Regards,Vinod K

vinod_sugur 22 posts Joined 04/05
05 Dec 2006

Hi,I am not sure about the tool. But to fetch the columns from the query you can built a view on that query and fetch the column name from dbc.columns. Other than that i don't think any help we can get from dbc tables.~Vinod

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