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04 Sep 2014
FreeSPacePercent(FSP) to avoid frequent PACKDISK run

Hi All,
It is said that to avoid frequent running of intence, resource consuming PACKDISK process, we have to define FreeSpace for each table inorder to make sure that free space is available during bulk loading.
PACKDISK command basically works at cylinders level where data of multiple tables may be present but FSP is defined while creating a table(Table level).
My actual question is when we run PACKDISK command, does it works on cylinders for each table as FSP will be defined for each table differently?
If "A" is a table with FSP=20% and "B" is a table with FSP=30%. And we see that space in cylinders is getting low. Then how the PACKDISK works for these 2 tables with different FSP?

Mahesh Abbigeri
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04 Sep 2014

Raja K Thaw
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