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celsiusguru 1 post Joined 12/11
24 Dec 2011
Forms/Web Applications to enter Comments/Text to Database

Hello Teradata gurus, this is my first topic. We have a requirement where the users/SME needs to be able to submit the textual information about a metrics monthly performance. When the users submit the text this has to be recorded in the backend Teradata Database from where a OLAP tools will pull the data.

So as part of this requirement, i am assigned to find out the best web application/forms required to be developed and documentation around integrating this to the teradata database. 

So those who might have already implemented such requirements, any inputs will be very much appreciated. 


thanks in advance.

ratnamch 14 posts Joined 06/12
11 Nov 2012

i want to insert the data using bteq script that table having the date column as current date how to insert in script

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