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bshrode 1 post Joined 07/11
10 Apr 2014
Force Result Set to Return Column Names and Not Column Titles

Is there a connection string attribute or some other setting which can be used to force the returned result set to use column names for the header instead of column titles? I've found a setting in the ODBC admin panel entitled 'Use Column Names' however whether it is checked or not it still returns column titles if the columns have them. I also found a setting in the Teradata SQL Assistant which actually does work however I need to find a way to set up my linked server under MS SQL Server 2008 to use the column names as well. Any ideas?

Adeel Chaudhry 773 posts Joined 04/08
11 Apr 2014

Is your linked server a Teradata system?

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tstrick4 21 posts Joined 04/12
20 Apr 2015

Anyone had any luck with this?  Trying to create a Teradata linked server IN MS SQL and but select from views that have column title attributes.

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