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marcin1213 3 posts Joined 07/11
04 Jul 2011
FileList in TPT


I want to load multiple files into one target table, every file has the same structure so I want to use only one File Reader.

I have defined:

VARCHAR FileList = 'Y',
VARCHAR ARRAY = ['file1.txt','file2.txt']

and I get following error:

TPT19205 Attribute 'FileName' value is invalid. Value provided was 'Multi-value'. Valid values are 'Single-value'.

According to TPT Reference the FileName should be a list containing file names, what is wrong here?

Thanks for help

venkrish 4 posts Joined 01/11
22 Jul 2011

Hi, Use attribute VARCHAR FileName ='File*.txt' or '*' ,This will read all the files filename start with 'File' (File1.txt,File2.txt).

Please let me know if you need more details.

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