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10 Oct 2013
Fetching data in chunks using query in teradata

How to get data in chunks using query in teradata?

Raja_KT 1246 posts Joined 07/09
10 Oct 2013

Using query, you can limit with where and qualify and even row_number based on your requirements.
I think you can elaborate your requirements more :). Teradata has bteq ( import, export), mload ,fastload,tpump, fastexport to export data to file, tpt( stream,update,load). 
You can specify checkpoints for interval loads.

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User_teradata15 2 posts Joined 10/13
11 Oct 2013

Hi Raja,
Thanks for the reply. The issue is that we have large volume of data in the view and when we are running the query in Teradata assistant or using Bteq, we are getting Spool space error.
I found one option to get data in chunks. The option is to use MOD on Time period column to limit the number of rows.
However, I may have to repeat the query 'n' no. of times where 'n' is no. of months.
Let me know if you have any better solution.

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