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saurabhkamath 9 posts Joined 12/12
14 Dec 2013
FastLoad lock Type

Does fastLoad apply Exclusive lock on target table ? If not what type of lock is applied ?

dnoeth 4628 posts Joined 11/04
15 Dec 2013

It's not an exclusive lock, but a special lock in the table header preventing any SQL access until it's release by an END LOADING.


diptera 9 posts Joined 11/13
19 Dec 2013

Let's say my FASTLOAD failed for some error. In that case, if I need to release the lock, should I write a script with this table as a fastload but not keeping any insert statement and (most important) just keeping an end_loading?


Dipanjan Mukherjee
Wipro Technologies
Technical Lead

Raja_KT 1246 posts Joined 07/09
19 Dec 2013

Hi Dipanjan,
I am not Dieter, but let me  give some directions:
In the fastload manual:

To restart the job if the Teradata FastLoad job was paused during the end loading phase

1 Use the same LOGON command described in the preceding procedure.

2 Submit BEGIN LOADING and END LOADING commands, as in the following example:

LOGON dbc/sjn,music ;


ERRORFILES Error_1, Error_2 ;



With  Note: If a Teradata FastLoad job script is used to assemble these commands, make sure to delete the CREATE TABLE and any DROP TABLE and DELETE statements before restarting

the job.




Raja K Thaw
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diptera 9 posts Joined 11/13
20 Dec 2013

Thank you Raja..


Dipanjan Mukherjee
Wipro Technologies
Technical Lead

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