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chanukyahere 2 posts Joined 10/12
19 Oct 2013
FASTLOAD LOCK - Table being loaded - Data inaccessible

We mostly use fload/mload for our daily operations. If for some reason, lets says PROD goes offline, loads running on the system eventually will get failed. After that point of time, table becomes inaccessible. Upon browsing, it says - Table being loaded. 
Release locks on that table didnt work - to access the data in that table.
The only option I was aware of was to drop all the ET, UV and main table And, again re-creating the main target table.
Because at times, 90% of my target table would have been loaded and left out with only 10% of records.. For this reason, do i need to drop and re-create?
What if I/system_user don't have the access to create a new table? 
Can you pls help me out?

gkatiyar 19 posts Joined 09/13
20 Oct 2013

Hi Chanukya,
In case of Fastload, release lock sql wont work. What you can try is- submit the failed job again, without making any changes to the script and associated tables, but this time do not specify the input file. I mean a dummy fastload script. This should release the lock on your table. Even if this doesn't work then your only option is drop and recreate the table.

Gaurav Katiyar

Sun_shine_jgd 39 posts Joined 07/13
21 Oct 2013

Helo Chanukya,
A dummy fload script on the table willl help here.
Else i hope if you have a PMON installed(or any DBA monitoring tool) you can try to abort the fload session "(it might be still active) , this also might help.

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