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JazzKhan 1 post Joined 05/11
19 Oct 2012
FastLoad Error table being dropped

Hi Guys,
I am using fastload within SAS DIS (ETL) and my 99% rows are being rejected to an error table. However, here is the issue. When my job starts Two error tables are created err1 and err2 in teradata but when the job finishes only err2 is there and err1 table is gone. In err2 table all I see the exact copy of the target table with the rejected rows but no error code or anything. so anyone knows 1) why err1 table is being dropped 2) how else I can see the reason of the rejection?
I would greatly appreciate your help!! 

Fred 1096 posts Joined 08/04
23 Oct 2012

By default, the err1 table will be dropped if it is empty. And the only reason for rows in FastLoad err2 is that the target table is defined with a unique Primary Index but there are duplicate PI values in the input (for rows that are not entirely duplicate).

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