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24 Mar 2014

I have exported data from one server with '|' delimitter, now trying to load this same data to another server using fastload, during that time, I am getting below error.
" Error on piom GET ROW: 60, Text: Column length error, row  not returned"

**** 14:24:38 Number of recs/msg: 77

**** 14:24:38 Starting to send to RDBMS with record 1

**** 14:24:38 Error on piom GET ROW: 60, Text: Column length error, row

              not returned

**** 14:24:38 Error at record number 1

     ====================================================== =============

     =                                                                 =

     =          Logoff/Disconnect                                      =

     =                                                                 =

     ====================================================== =============


**** 14:24:38 Logging off all sessions

**** 14:24:43 Total processor time used = '8.75 Seconds'

     .        Start : Mon Mar 24 14:24:05 2014

     .        End   : Mon Mar 24 14:24:43 2014

     .        Highest return code encountered = '12'.

**** 14:24:43 FastLoad Paused


Can anyone got this type of issue, please help me..

Raja_KT 1246 posts Joined 07/09
24 Mar 2014

Did you check your input data? like if it has header....
You have not shared more information like your scripts. It may be that the data values witdh are  bigger than the defined column width .

Raja K Thaw
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sgarlapa 88 posts Joined 03/13
24 Mar 2014

After checking above which Raja has mentioned,  Please check if  Varchar data type is used for all the columns in the scripts ?

24 Mar 2014

Hi Raja and sgarlapa,
Thank you for response. I have only exported data to a file and the same datatype legth I have used during the import also. All the column I have created as CHAR() datatype, will this is a problem? it should be varchar instead of CHAR?
There is no header in the file.
In DDL I have created all columns as CHAR(XX)  (EX:Product_ID  CHAR(10))  and in define part I have defined like below for all the columns(Instad of CHAR used VARCHAR(XX) and CHAR length)
Product_ID (VARCHAR(10) , NULLIF ='NULL' )
May be this is the problem :( If value is  EXACT 10 CHARACTER  length means, VARCHAR(10) will accomodate only 9 character and 1 character to keep exact length. Is it may understanding correct?

26 Mar 2014

In My file total 1706678 record is there, if i try to load this file, i will get error as 

 Error on piom GET ROW: 60, Text: Column length error, row

              not returned

**** 17:48:01 Error at record number 1


If i split file as 2 file and do fastload on individual file, it will work. Is there any limitation on no records in the txt file for fastload?

Adeel Chaudhry 773 posts Joined 04/08
09 Apr 2014

No there is no limitation on records in the text file.
Can you share your FL script and sample data [2-3 rows]?

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