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Sandeepyadav 52 posts Joined 09/13
20 Oct 2014
Fallback Table Restriction in System

Hi All,
Can we restrict Fallback table creation in system at user level or system level.?
I mean: Is there any way so that we can restrict users to create fallback table in system ? any DBScontrol parameter ?
Please suggest.

Thanks, -Sandeep.
Sandeepyadav 52 posts Joined 09/13
08 Dec 2014

Hi Experts,
Any suggestion ??

Thanks, -Sandeep.

dnoeth 4628 posts Joined 11/04
08 Dec 2014

Hi Sandeep,
no, you can't.
Simply set the database default to NO FALLBACK and hope the end users don't overwrite it.
Maybe add a scheduled job which mails the users when they do and submits ALTER TABLE, NO FALLBACK... 


Sandeepyadav 52 posts Joined 09/13
23 Dec 2014

Thanks Dnoeth.
but there is one DBS Control Parameter in Internal Group-113.
This parameter has three values. But it is not fulfil my requirment as it help in fallback direction.

Thanks, -Sandeep.

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