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23 Mar 2014
*** Failure 2631 Transaction ABORTed due to deadlock.

I am running a bteq script with a number of revoke statements.
At some statement in the script, the revoke is getting stuck and failing with the following error:

 *** Failure 2631 Transaction ABORTed due to deadlock.

                Statement# 1, Info =0 


 *** Total elapsed time was 2 minutes and 40 seconds.


 *** Warning: Attempting to resubmit last request.


I see the request being submitting again.But the elapsed time is different for similar statements which have failed with 2631 error.
My question is does teradata use a specified timelimit before aborting a request due to deadlock and resubmitting it?
If so, why is the elapsed time different for different aborted requests due to 2631 error?
Appreciate your help !

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