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Srichakra 15 posts Joined 11/11
15 Jul 2014
Facing issue in Sybase to Teradata migration stored procs

Hi Team,
             Currently I am working on a project like migrating from Sybase to Teradata.While converting strored procs to teradata I came across few new functionalities in SYBASE.I did google in many places but no use,So finally I am posting the functionalities here as follows
In most of the procedures they have used below functions so please provide solution in teradata

1)message STRING('CREATING TOP 25 TEMP_TOPSHIPPERS : ',now()) type info to client;
2)message ' ' to console;
3)set temporary option row_count = 25;
4)LOCATE (I think its like InString functionality please correct me if I am wrong)

Thanks in advance.

Srichakra 15 posts Joined 11/11
18 Jul 2014

Please help me out its pretty urgent and impacting our deliverables..I tried almost all blogs and help  centers but i didn't get the solution.
Your response will really help to me.

dnoeth 4628 posts Joined 11/04
18 Jul 2014

Did you read my answer at


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