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giorgio.gamberi 1 post Joined 05/12
27 Apr 2013
ETL managment

i'm a newbie with Teradata, i have just used the DB to run some inquiry on tables.
I have to build an ETL from zero using this DB, i have experience with Oracle PL/SQL but I'm not aware how it works with Teradata.
My question is: do I have to use an orchestration tool (e.g. IBM infosphere, Talend,..., whatever) to create an ETL or can I use just Teradata? 
For example on Oracle I can use jobs or shells that runs PL/SQL procedures, but I don't know if on Teradata is the same or if an ETL tool is needed.

BPP 24 posts Joined 01/10
27 Apr 2013


Teradata offers different tools to load and unload data from Teradata DBMS.  Type this "teradata load and unload utilities" in google and go through the results for more knowledge about them.   Teredata also offers powerful sql (ANSI and extension) where you can build your own ELT procedures to move data from staging to your base edw layer.   


There are also so many ETL tools out there that can work efficiently with Teradata.  There are just too many options to consider.  But best option always depends on your business and data requirements, team size, skill sets and of course $cost (acquiring + maintenance). 


In any event you need some tool (ETL or CDC) to extract data from source system efficiently and land it some where or directly on teradata database then use different teradata (un)load tools or sql code to transform it and then load it to a base layer.   


Teradata also got a tool called teradata oleload which can extract data from other RDBMS's (or even excel files) and can load to teradata system, this is not the fastest tool or great tool but will give you starting base and some ideas as it generates different load utility scripts for you!!!


Happy Teradat(ing)!!!



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