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alvie 32 posts Joined 03/12
01 May 2012
Error message with TPT FASTLOAD (Could Not Find Message Catalog


We've been getting this error message intermittently for TPT FASTLOAD running from SAS


ERROR: Teradata connection: Could Not Find Message Catalog Correct error and restart as an APPEND process with op
       TPT_RESTART=YES. Since no checkpoints were taken, if the previous run used FIRSTOBS=n, use the same value in the restar
NOTE: The DATA step has been abnormally terminated.
NOTE: The SAS System stopped processing this step because of errors.

Any solution please?


dbc1012 3 posts Joined 03/09
31 Jul 2012

We encountered the "Could Not Find Message Catalog" error when attempting to use Informatica and TPT.

Our solution was to ensure the following envirables were set (this is for AIX, some translation of variable names may/will be required for other Unix variants).

export LANG=en_US

export LC__FASTMSG=false          # NB There are 2 underscores in this envirable name.


The other key factor is to ensure that the LIBPATH (AIX) points to the correct and matching libraries - i.e. all 64 bit paths or all 32 bit paths. Don't mix and match 64 / 32 bit.

My suspicion was that the LC__FASTMSG=false was the key. I am not sure exactly what it does as it does not appear to be mentioned in the manuals.


logc 34 posts Joined 09/05
01 Aug 2014

I'm having a similar issue with SAS 9.2 and TTU 14.10.  TTU is installed on the server and all the tools work fine via command line, but we get the below error when trying to use TPT in SAS:

Teradata connection: TPT FastExport:  Could Not Find Message Catalog

The following environment variable add, results in another error:

export COPERR=/opt/teradata/client/14.10/lib:/opt/teradata/client/14.10/tbuild/msg64


CLI:Message catalog open failed!: No such file or directory
The file "" cannot be opened.
There may be problems with your installation. is in /opt/teradata/client/14.10/lib so why does adding another path cause this behavior?
Thanks in advance.

logc 34 posts Joined 09/05
01 Aug 2014

Got it by adding the following to our SAS startup scripts:

export NLSPATH=/opt/teradata/client/14.10/tbuild/msg64/;

It would not work without including the file.  When only adding the dirctory where is located, the following was occuring (via strace):
open("/", O_RDONLY)   = -1 ENOENT (No such file or directory)

vd186001 1 post Joined 10/14
26 Oct 2014

I too saw this error on my system. It disappeared with the installation of latest version of odbc

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