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14 Sep 2015
Error code: 3610 - Internal error, please do not submit the last request. Subcode, Crashcode:0,2693

While compiling a Stored procedure I got this error msg.
When I connected a new session, I was able to compile without any issues?
Is it something to do with my session spool space?
Could not find much documentation on the Crashcode: 2693 and hence checking here.
Thank you!

tomnolan 594 posts Joined 01/08
15 Sep 2015

Teradata Database Error 3610 means that you have encountered a problem with the Teradata Database.
If you are a customer, then please open an incident with Teradata Customer Service to report this problem.

16 Sep 2015

Yeah. I have done that already. But in the meanwhile wanted to check if there is any chance of knowing what could be the possible issue using the Crashcode(2693).

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