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ritesh_n1 1 post Joined 10/12
29 Oct 2012
Error: "3927: Response Parcel requested a max byte count less than 256"

I have just started using Teradata.
I am trying to create a simple Stored Procedure in Teradata 12 server machine in SQL Assiatance using 'dbadmin' user, but i am getting the below error message:
"3927: Response Parcel requested a max byte count less than 256"
Below is the Stored Procedure:
                                             IN dept_number INTEGER,
                                             OUT dept_name CHAR(10),
                                             INOUT errstr VARCHAR(30))
        INSERT INTO Employee (EmpNo, DeptNo )
        VALUES (emp_number, dept_number);
        SELECT DeptName INTO dept_name FROM Department
        WHERE DeptNo = dept_number;
Please let me know how i can resolve this issue.
Thanks in advance.

k3na 19 posts Joined 09/14
04 Sep 2014

Hello Teradata experts!


I also have some problem with the error 3927. I'm currently adapting a program that works on the oracle db for the teradata. 


The program connects the DB using jdbc (the teradata version is, the teradata jdbc driver version is The program executes SELECT- query, which returns 6 rows. The fetch size = 4. When is executed for the first 4 rows, it works fine. When trying to get the fifth row it returns an error "[Error 3927] [SQLState HY000] Response Parcel requested a max byte count less than 256."


What is a possible reason? Small fetch size? Which other reasons could cause such a problem?


Thank you for any hint!

k3na 19 posts Joined 09/14
04 Sep 2014

small update here: when I increase the fetch size to 100, it works...  but I think, it is not a normal behaviour?

tomnolan 594 posts Joined 01/08
04 Sep 2014

That problem is likely to be too difficult to troubleshoot on this forum. We would need to examine the Teradata JDBC Driver debug log in order to determine what is occurring.
If you are a customer, then please open a customer incident. If you are not a customer, then please try upgrading to a newer version of the Teradata Database. The fetch size feature was originally introduced in Teradata Database 13.10, and there were some bugs in the feature in early Teradata Database 13.10 releases like the one that you are using.

k3na 19 posts Joined 09/14
05 Sep 2014

Thank you for a fast reply! We will try to get a newer version and double check these problems.

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