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astocks 22 posts Joined 03/11
29 Sep 2011
Error 3523: Error calling stored procedure from stored procedure

We have a stored procedure which will look at a table and collect statistics on different columns and indexes based on types etc.  We use this inside of other stored procedures after loading staging tables.

For some reason I keep getting the following error:

 CALL Failed.  [3523]:An owner referenced by user does not have EXECUTE PROCEDURE access to SampleDB.SP_COLLECT_STATISTICS.

I am a member of a Profile which has Execute, Alter, Drop, Create Procedure rights to the parent which is the 'SampleDB' database in this case.



Any ideas are greatly appreciated.

arjune 14 posts Joined 07/11
30 Sep 2011

Is there any standard document on providing guidelines to create and work with TERADATA STORED PROCEDURES.

tomnolan 594 posts Joined 01/08
30 Sep 2011


Go to the Teradata documentation web site:

In the upper right corner of the page, click the Teradata Database version that you are using.

All the documentation for that Teradata Database version will be displayed.

Choose the reference manual "SQL Stored Procedures and Embedded SQL".


MarkVYoung 12 posts Joined 03/12
10 Jul 2012

Hi, I do not see any mention of a fix for the issue described, was one found?

We have exactly the same issue, but it only occurs on our PROD system and not on our TEST system - both are running the same versions of TD 13.10. Also we ahve no problems running in SQL Assistant, but we are experiencing the same error through using Informatica.

SPL5000:W(L17), E(3523):An owner referenced by user does not have EXECUTE PROCEDURE access to Database.SP001

We are running a report SP, which calls multiple SPs and when trying to run the replace statement, we get the above error for all SPs being called and the SP is not created.

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