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19 Jan 2006
DW Database Designer III

Job Description : Transforms a Logical Data Model into a high performance Teradata database design according to business and technical requirements. Creates and tests table structures, indexes, views, etc. Optimizes performance of the database based on user access and data loading requirements. Optimizes data warehousing environments based on specific requirements, including physical database design, end-user access (query) structure and performance, as well as data transformation processes and procedures. Requires 8-10 years of related experience.; Additional Job Description: Expert Level Teradata v2r5 consultant to assist in the following: - Tune Queries for optimization - Address problematic user queries - Continued Execution of Workload Management Recommendations - Provide user mentoring on best practices in SQL development - Batch Analysis & Optimization - Analyze batch processes to include timings and data volumes - Assist with setting up FAQ’s on internal customer website. May be traveling to Dallas for some of the work. Atlanta anticipated to be the primary work location.

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