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scorp 7 posts Joined 10/04
22 Jun 2006
Duplicate value

All waiting for the kind response of all friends1- How to stop the insert of duplicate value in a table.2- If fast load failed inserting the duplicate value in a table how this problem will be resolved.

manja 2 posts Joined 12/05
22 Jun 2006

hello,If you want to stop loading duplicate values for a particular column make that column a unique primary index.

TDUser-781 35 posts Joined 12/04
22 Jun 2006

Hi,are you thinking about duplicate rows or duplicate PI values?If you're thinking about duplicate rows, then you'll probably have a multiset table with a NUPI on it.1- if you don't want to have duplicate rows in a table convert your table to set and/or put a UPI (or also a USI) on it.2- fastload automatically discards perfectly duplicated rows. if you want to load them in a table you have to use another utility, for example multiload.If you're thinking about duplicate values for the PI:1- if you don't want to have duplicate values put a UPI on your table2- using fastload it will automatically discard duplicate PI values and put them in errortable 1. have a look to the manuals.Hope this helps,Bye,TDUser

BBR2 96 posts Joined 12/04
22 Jun 2006

You may do a INSERT..SELECT from a MULTISET (duplicate rows) to a SET table for ignoring duplicates.Fastload can kickout the duplicates while MLOAD has "IGNORE DUPLICATE" option which can be used.You may want to check Load and Unload utilities manual for exact symantics.Vinay

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