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22 Dec 2013
Dual Systems/fallback/replication?

Hi all,
Requesting your suggestions in answering the below question, which one is the best fit and why -->
An application needs replicated data so that one version can be dedicated to the load process
while users access the second version. Which two support are best fit for this strategy?

A. fallback
B. Dual Systems
C. Journal Tables
D. user view access switching 
I think A & B are the best ones. Please suggest..

dnoeth 4628 posts Joined 11/04
22 Dec 2013

Hi Nishant,
"Fallback" is definitely wrong, this is just protection from hardware failure.
Of course "Journal Tables" might be used to rollback from a wrong load, but this is not specific for this scenario.
"replicated" might indicate "Dual Systems", but this still doesn't mean "dedicated to the load" becuase both systems need to be loaded.
"user view access switching" seems to be the only correct one, create a copy of the data, load and then replace the access view from old to new.
This Q seems to be from CertificationPath, i just clicked on a few other questions and two had definitely wrong answers :-(


22 Dec 2013

thanks Dieter!

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