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wmmiteff 20 posts Joined 02/11
12 Feb 2015
Dropping users

I am having issues with user clean on my Teradata systems due to drop user failing for any of the following reasons.

  • Users have objects under them
  • Proxy user access associated with the
  • Dead locks cause system to abort the drop statement

Does anyone else have is problem or have a solution to this issue?

Kishore_1 208 posts Joined 03/10
12 Feb 2015

Before dropping the user, all objects in the user Db have to be cleaned up, you may use following syntax(TD 14.10):
DELETE USER user_name ALL;
DROP USER user_name;
There may be dead locks, as there might be other operations going at the time on the dictionary tables, which are holding locks on the DBC tables, leading to contention,You may submit the queries during off business hours or when batch users are not active.

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