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vineet 7 posts Joined 01/08
14 Jan 2008
Dropping Statistics on a table in teradata

I have some multi dimensional statistics defined on a column which i want to drop from the table so i need to drop this statistic first......Can you tell me the DROP Statement for statistics ?Is the statementor it needs some modification ...........[highlight=#ffff11]help need urgently[/highlight]Thanks in advance

famalau 43 posts Joined 08/07
15 Jan 2008

Vineet,If you take a look at the manual "SQL Reference: Data Definition Statements", you will be able to find the command "DROP STATISTICS" in detail, which is the command to be used to remove statistics.If you need further help, just let me know.Good luck!



vineet 7 posts Joined 01/08
16 Jan 2008

Hi fabio, thanks for your reply but can you plz tell me is this manual available online or if i can download it "SQL Reference: Data Definition Statements"Thanks,Vineet

dnoeth 4628 posts Joined 11/04
16 Jan 2008

Hi Vineet,all manuals are available at'd recommend to download the documentation CD, so you can search across all manuals.Dieter


vineet 7 posts Joined 01/08
17 Jan 2008

Hi All, Is there any syntax for dropping all the statistics in a schema at once only because it is giving error on dropping individual statistics on every column and i am not able to identify the table where it is giving needed urgentlyTHANKS IN ADVANCE

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