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07 Sep 2016
Drop Table blocked by Read lock session which is not on the machine.

Hi All,

I having an issues, while Dropping a backup table,

The drop tables session(Session ID 59678567) is blocked by read lock of some other session (2463583 USER: ALL), this blocking is not even present on the machine, AS per my user understanding from the session-id it's a very old session number may around 6-8 months old, the session related information is also not available on the DBQL log.

In addition to that user who create the table also not present which is droped as he moved out of the team.

I have tried to release the lock using through "RELEASE LOCK"

From reading through post I cam to know that there no way we can release a READ lock on table manually.

Please let me know if there any way I can drop the table. what steps can be followed to drop the tables/Release the Lock.


Lakshmi NC
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