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yiannish 13 posts Joined 06/14
23 Jan 2015
Disk IOs in Teradata 14.10

I am very concerned with the Disk IOs of my Teradata server.
I have ran the following query

WHERE AccountName='TEST_ACC'
GROUP BY AccountName;

and i got the following result
Sum(CpuTime) = 48408556.15
Sum(DiskIO) = 25706444525.10
Based on the DiskIO/CpuTime formula i get a value of ~ 531 Disk I/Os per CPU second.
From what i know an acceptable value would be about 50 Disk I/Os.
I am suspecting that the problem might be created because we use a lot of DROP statements for TMP tables that are physically create during the run of our ETL process.
If anyone can help i will appreciate it. Thanks.

Raja_KT 1246 posts Joined 07/09
23 Jan 2015

You can get more infor by including username too and then  drill further to dbql tables... 

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