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mtlrsk 30 posts Joined 06/08
29 Oct 2008
Difference in DBQL Tables V2R6 and V2R12(Demo).

Hi All,I have installed TD 12 Express Edition (Demo) on my system.When i see the DBQL tables and Views under DBC. I can find two sets of both having different names.For Eg.Tables:-DBC.DBQLStepTbl DBC.DBQLStepTbl_V2R6Views:- DBC.QryLogExplainDBC.QryLogExplainVAnd the query i fire is logged in both the tables and views inspite of different versions.Please can anyone let me know the intention behind having this duplicacy ?Is it something to do with the compability for different Teradata Versions.?Thanks Mtlrsk.

Fred 1096 posts Joined 08/04
29 Oct 2008

In TD12.0 and later, the data dictionary tables store character strings in Unicode. The "new" views with the "V" or "VX" suffix access the information without conversion; for backward compatibility, the "old" views now include translation from Unicode to Latin (or Kanji, if specified by the locale setting), and some fields are also CAST from VARCHAR to CHAR.In your example, views DBC.QryLogExplain and DBC.QryLogExplainV both reference the same DBC.DBQLExplainTbl.On the other hand, tables with version/release suffixes are created and used during "dictionary conversion" phase of an upgrade. Usually they are dropped by "post upgrade" cleanup procedures. I don't see DBC.DBQLStepTbl_V2R6 in my own Express Edition install (but there are a few empty tables with other release suffixes).

mtlrsk 30 posts Joined 06/08
30 Oct 2008

Thanks Fred,This has cleared most of the part.Thank you very much for this prompt response.Regards,mtlrsk.

ysrinu 44 posts Joined 04/07
07 Nov 2008

Hi,just want to correct 'v2r12' in the topic.Version 1 has 5 major releases and Version 2 has 6 major releases, total 11.The next release is called TD12, 'v2r12' is not a valid release name.From Teradata 12 1098.pdf:Release Numbering ChangesAs of this release, Teradata is adopting one, unified numbering system for Teradata Databaseand all of the associated tools and utilities. Teradata is making this change to reduce theconfusion caused by different release number sequences.This release is called Teradata Database 12.0, and the collection of all the products, includingTeradata Database and Teradata Tools and Utilities, is called Teradata 12.0. This numberingmore accurately reflects the history of Teradata Database. There have been 11 prior majorreleases (five major releases of Version 1 and six major releases of Version 2, includingV2R6.2).Thanks,-srinivas yelamanchili

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