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Pervez Ahmed 19 posts Joined 05/06
01 Jun 2006
Difference between Teradata Utilities and ETL Process

I am sort of confused in differentiating between teradata utilities such as FastLoad and MLoad that are used for loading external data into teradata tables and ETL process. I understand ETL processing is Extract Transform and Load. But what exactly is involved in etl processing.Thanks.Pervez Ahmed

Jim Chapman 449 posts Joined 09/04
01 Jun 2006

This Wikipedia article may be helpful:

Pervez Ahmed 19 posts Joined 05/06
02 Jun 2006

I am reviewing the link. Thanks a lot for your respons.Pervez Ahmed

manne 5 posts Joined 06/05
07 Jun 2006

The process of ETL using Teradata utilities will be ELTExtract, Load and Transformso, the loading will be done through Fast load, Multi load and the transofmations can be done using Bteq scripts :-)

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