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Pratee 2 posts Joined 09/15
10 Jul 2016
Difference between event code and crash code

For one snapshot , I received event code as 3610 and crash code as 3650.
Most of the time it happenes event code is different than crash code.
Can anyone tell what is actual different between event code and crash code?

ToddAWalter 316 posts Joined 10/11
11 Jul 2016

3610 is a generic code that says something happened that the Parsing Engine couldn't deal with. The crash code is additional information that tells what area of the Parssing Engine had the issue.
Any 3610 case should be reported to Teradata support via opening an incident. Be prepared to provide the SQL that was being issued at the time and perhaps other information like the DDL of the objects being accessed.

Pratee 2 posts Joined 09/15
18 Jul 2016



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