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levinra 15 posts Joined 06/11
04 Aug 2014
Determine how much space a Global Temporary Table is using - TD 13.10/14.10

How can I best determine how much temp space a Global Temporary Table used during SQL execution?  We're running Teradata 14.10 in DEV & QA, and 13.10 in Prod, if it matters.

dnoeth 4628 posts Joined 11/04
06 Aug 2014

Hi Robin,
afaik there's no info about temp space usage in DBQL. 
But you can get the combined size of all GTTs within a session using

SELECT VProc, CurrentTemp 
FROM dbc.diskspaceV 
WHERE databasename = 'username';

So simply run this after populating the GTT(s)


levinra 15 posts Joined 06/11
07 Aug 2014

Thanks very much...just what I needed.  I'm still learning where all of this information is stored, so I really appreciate your response.

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