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dixon 22 posts Joined 01/06
20 Feb 2006
describe equivalent

like describe command, is there any command available in Teradata to know the columns stored in a viewfor e.g describe(in short desc) user_constraints;the above one will show all the columns available in that viewin teradata select * from dbc.databases will show databasename, creatorname,ownerename....etcinstead of getting the result i am expecting command or query which gives just column names available in dbc.databasesthanks,Dixon

Barry-1604 176 posts Joined 07/05
20 Feb 2006

You can use "help column":HELP COLUMN databasename.viewname.*;Thanks,Barry

TD_Arch 35 posts Joined 07/05
21 Feb 2006

These will describe the columns :HELP TABLE <>;HELP VIEW <>;

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