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Eitu_teradata 8 posts Joined 09/13
03 Aug 2015
Defining Index on a table having multiple Joining columns!!

Hi Experts,
I have a situation where I have to join the same table twice but with a different joining column. If I will declare one column as Primary index and one column as secondary index, will that be a wise implementation in performance point of view? Or is there any other way to do this. Please suggest.

oshun 43 posts Joined 07/10
03 Aug 2015

Chosing the Join columns of one of the joins as the Primary Index makes definitely sense. Regarding the secondary index: It really depends if the index can be used. This is influenced by selectivity, join type (nested join possible?), etc.
I don't think there is a general advise which can be given. More details would be required.

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