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Dennis 3 posts Joined 07/09
27 Nov 2012
DBQL and LOB's

I have noticed in the DBQL logs that there has been a number of records in the dbqlsqltbl.SQLTEXTINFO table and column that contain the value of "SELECT ?".  It appears that this is due to a columns that is being CAST as CLOB.  My first question :  Is this expected?     The second question:  Can DBQL be modified so that these rows are not logged into the DBQL, but the original SQL is logged?  There are a number of records being added into the DBQL due to this. 
We are running on 13.00.

tomnolan 594 posts Joined 01/08
28 Nov 2012

Yes, that behavior is expected.
The original SQL query is logged in DBQL. The SELECT ? commands are logged separately, and in addition to, the original query.
The SELECT ? commands are from the JDBC Driver, ODBC Driver, or .NET Data Provider and are executed automatically when an application reads data from a LOB. Normally the client-side drivers work with LOB locators, but when an application requests the LOB data, then the client-side driver must "materialize" the LOB data on the client side. The client-side driver does that by executing the special SELECT ? command.

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