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06 Oct 2014
DBC VIEWs trim to length 30 on Teradata 14

I do not understand why the VIEWS found in DBC are trimming DatabaseName, TableName and ColumnName to length 30 when Teradata 14 are capable of handling object names up to 127?
Peter Schwennesen

Raja_KT 1246 posts Joined 07/09
06 Oct 2014

I think this discussion can help you:
When you do show select * from dbc.tables, you can see how it is built-up.

Raja K Thaw
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ulrich 816 posts Joined 09/09
06 Oct 2014

Hi Peter,
you have to use the V versions of the views from 14 onwards
like dbc.tablesV
these will show the full names...
From the manuals:

"Because data dictionary tables can change, views provide greater stability.

Modern views all end with a suffix “V” or “VX” (for example, All_RI_ChildrenV or All_RI_ChildrenVX) and return extended object names without any conversion to standard language support systems (Latin) or Japanese language support systems (Kanji1) character type.

Note: Most modern views return columns with Unicode data types, but there are some that do not (for example, DBC.RCC_ConfigurationV and DBC.RCC_MediaV are examples of modern views that do not return Unicode columns)."
Could mean some changes to different maintenance and analytic scripts...

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06 Oct 2014

Peter Schwennesen

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