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05 Apr 2016
DBC.ResUsageSpma - AMPs per Node

I would like to ask you about the DBC.ResUsageSpma Table and the performance of the Teradata.
We have a Teradata 2800 with 2 Nodes and we are having some performance issues. When I take a look at the DBC.ResUsageSpma the results the attached.
Is something wrong with Node ID 105?.
Thanks in advance.

Fred 1096 posts Joined 08/04
06 Apr 2016

It does appear that at some point 1-05 was down and VProcs migrated to 1-02. You could filter your ResUsage query based on date/time to see if that state is recent or just historical.
Viewpoint or PM/API can also be used to check current state.

SPB 5 posts Joined 04/16
14 Apr 2016

Yes, that was the problem. Thanks Fred.

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