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mojave 2 posts Joined 02/13
13 May 2015
DBC.ColumnsV ColumnFormat

Can anyone suggest documentation anywhere to help me decipher the DBC.ColumnsV ColumnFormat column?  For example, a float column with ColumnFormat -9.99999999999999E-999?     Or an Integer column with -(10)9?  What exactly is that telling me?  Or a Decimal column with -(32)9.9(6)?    Or a Decimal column with ----------9.?

dnoeth 4628 posts Joined 11/04
14 May 2015

FORMATs are manly based on COBOL syntax, e.g. '9' means a leading zero, '(n)' repeats the previous character n times.
See "Data Type Formats and Format Phrases" in the "SQL Data Types and Literals" manual:


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