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vijaykodukula 1 post Joined 03/11
15 Mar 2011
DB2 Vs Teradata

Hi Gurus,

We are doing analysis on Migrating The Data warehouse from DB2 to Teradata 13.
In order to do we are evaluating the different set of Tasks.

1.What all changes we have to do at the SQL Level.Is there any SQL changes Between the DB2 to Teradata.If yes what all.
2.What are changes of the Built in and User defined Functions between Db2 to Teradata.
3.Difference in data types for the Metadata Consideration.

What all steps we have to take care for the migrations.
Gurus , Can you please share your experience of the migration from Db2 to teradata.


anamikap 3 posts Joined 01/13
21 Jan 2013

Hi ,
Could you please help me what are the things required to convert Db2 queries to teradata queries.
Thank You.

anamikap 3 posts Joined 01/13
21 Jan 2013

could you plz help me what all the changes we have to do to convert db2 queries to teradata queries

shankerao 2 posts Joined 03/11
24 Jul 2013

i am coming across same situation..Can you please help me with that.Please send me documentation and material as well..If you have any.
Thanks in advance


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