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ardhie 13 posts Joined 06/10
03 Jul 2010
Day-to-Day DBA Task

Can anyone help me to specify the day-to-day DBA task.

many thanks if you help me.

Thanks a Lot

i'm excited
Adeel Chaudhry 773 posts Joined 04/08
05 Jul 2010


Though unlike other RDBMSs you won't find many of them .... but some can be space management across databases/users, DBQL tables periodic truncation (if enabled offcourse), refreshing statistics, etc.



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ardhie 13 posts Joined 06/10
05 Jul 2010

tengkyu bro ,, nice reply

i'm excited

King 1012 7 posts Joined 06/09
08 Jul 2010

How's that different for any other RDBMS?

robpaller 159 posts Joined 05/09
12 Jul 2010

Alex those tasks are common across database platforms. However, Teradata DBA's generally do not have to concern themselves with operating system level tasks, file segments, index (de)fragmentation, and file system administration. Some of these tasks are the result of Teradata not currently running on commodity hardware. Should Teradata become more prevalent in SMP environments running as a virtual appliance on VMWare some of these things may become more important and require additional DBAs or a broaden technical background to support such systems.

mkbobba 8 posts Joined 03/09
22 Jul 2010

Please see the below link for a concise list of DBA functions in Teradata:

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