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10 Jul 2014
Database normalization question

Hi All
   The very thought of Normalizing my teradata database, prompts me to ask a few questions
say i have a product, sales & customer tables in third normalized form
and  i run multiple queries in parallel which use the above tables
Would Tearadata AMP’s get over worked leading to an increased execution time if many of my SQL's refer to the same table at same time?
ex: sales table being referred by 3 different sql queries at same time
Any insight on this would be helpful
Thank you

vishalrstg 7 posts Joined 07/14
10 Jul 2014

Increased execution time won't depends on running multiple queries on same table though it depends on running multiple queries (independent on table).
Even if all the 3-4 queries doing full table scan on same table Sales, execution time won't get increased as Teradata handles this scenario through "Synchronized Scanning" but if there is already load on Database becasue of different users then execution time will increase.
Kindly let me know if my understanding is wrong.

- Vishal

11 Jul 2014

Hi Vishal,
  Yes,that was exactly my question thank you

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