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11 May 2016
DATABASE Creation(why db is created from TDA) and why assign dbc as owner and assign perm space,spool space,Temp Space

I am new to teradata and stil learning.Currently working on TD Express VM provided by TD
I was not able to create a db with normal "create database" query on SQL Assitant
Later after googling found out about TDA utility(teradata administrator utility),so created a user,also while creating user had to specify dbc as owner and had to assign perm space,spool space,Temp Space
Then from same TDA utility created a database,again assigned a owner as dbc  and had to assign perm space,spool space,Temp Space,THen granted the previleges to the user for newly created Db..IT worked :)
Why we had to create  the db from TDA,also why the owner was dbc  and why  to assign perm space,spool space,Temp Space for both database and User??
Can't we create a database directly from sql assistant?
Thanks .

MikeDempsey 94 posts Joined 10/06
29 May 2016

Anything you can do with TDA you can also do with SQL Assistant.
The difference is that TDA forces you to fill in all the required fields when creating a User or Database while SQL Assistant requires you to know which fields are needed yourself.
The owner can be any database/user that you have permissions to create those objects in... but there has to be an owner as the Teradata Database is a heirachy. (with DBC at the top)
When creating a database the only thing you have to specify is the PERM space. (Although an owner is required it will default to your user id - as long as you have the required access rights) Creating a user also requires a password. (That is basically the only real difference between a Database and a User.)

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