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giridharank 1 post Joined 03/09
24 May 2009

Hi group,I have a teradata database in a machine...i have to take a backup in some drive & restore it into another machine..Is there any query ?? how to use SET operation!Any GUI operation Thanks for response in Advance!

teradata_dba 43 posts Joined 01/09
25 May 2009

Hi,yes first and foremost if u wanna a particular database to be restored on to a new Teradata Box normally people make use of GUI tool1. TARA GUI/Netbackup 2.Net vaultApart from this GUI's one can also do 1. Fast export and then use Mutiload through pipe2. TPT.Going one step further u can make use of OLELOADER..Note: when u want to restore a particular DB from one machine to one machine then u have to make use of COPY. Restore wont work because of unmatching DB id's reason -- Restore internally drops and recreates. so when it recreates a new Db it has diff id .now: do u want to restore a single DB on a new machine or the entire DBC to the new box?if u want to restore whole of DBC and its heirarchy then on the new machine u got to delete all except DBC . take a dbc backup first. U cannot copy dbc but u can only restore DBC ( if using GUI then ensure its with single stream.. Multiple streams will end up with an error).once u have done DBC restore ..u can do a restore of other databases..Let me know if i got u clear


dnoeth 4628 posts Joined 11/04
26 May 2009

Check the "Teradata Archive/Recovery Utility Reference" manual.If it's a small system like TD Express, it might be a simple ARC script submitted on command line:LOGON systemA,username,password;ARCHIVE DATA TABLES (dbname), RELEASE LOCK, FILE = backup;followed by a:LOGON systemB,username,password;COPY DATA TABLES (dbname), RELEASE LOCK, FILE = backup;Dieter


Tera007 3 posts Joined 05/10
27 May 2010

I have backup of database DBC on tape and backup other application databases as well. Now I need to restore the DBC and other databases on same machine. Please let me know what is the step by step process to restore the DBC and other databases.

Thanks in Advance

amittera 35 posts Joined 12/09
17 May 2013

Is there a way to find out which tables or databases are not getting archived in any of the Bar Jobs?

Amit Saxena
Teradata Consultant

abhishek.jadhav 28 posts Joined 02/08
17 May 2013

I believe there is no table which will directly give you list of tables/databases which are not archived.
However you can use ,which stores information of all ARC activity which took place for a particular date. have tablename,databasename which were archived. 
You can use this  and other dbc tables to come up with a list of tables/databases not getting archived.
~ Abhishek Jadhav

Abhishek Jadhav

amittera 35 posts Joined 12/09
29 May 2013

Thanks Abhishek,
I will try to figure out as suggested. Some time back, when i was searching on the same, i got the tables $NETVAULT_CATALOG.CATALOG  ,     ,DBC.RCEvent. Does RCEvent also gives the same info as

Amit Saxena
Teradata Consultant

abhishek.jadhav 28 posts Joined 02/08
30 May 2013

Catalog will provide tape positioning info for the tables which were archived with the catalog option enabled.
Also if a table was backed up using the catalog option,then only it will make its way to this table. is a view built on top of dbc.RCEvent
~ Abhishek Jadhav

Abhishek Jadhav

Michaelcanady 11 posts Joined 05/13
04 Jun 2013

wow thats a perfect substitute and impressive knowledge that would help me a lot with this query to set up my database


ecamagna76 7 posts Joined 06/11
03 Mar 2014

Hi Masters,
Is there a way that we can add more users for TARA GUI? because right now there are only 2 users, admin and users. I need to create a user that can only monitor/abort and rerun a job.
Also, would you know where are the logs kept on the system level of the BAR servers?
Thank you so much in advance.

teradatauser2 236 posts Joined 04/12
05 Nov 2014

Hello all,
I have a followup question on this. From, i can get what all backup jobs have run. But, how do i know if they failed or succeeded ? I dont see any column in that tells this. also, i tried to find a column in that can be used to join to dbc.qrylog ( or pdcrdata.dbqlogtbl_hst) to get the return code, but i cant find any cuch column. Can someone guide me here. basically, i want to generate a report on daily basis to know what all backup on my system ran and were they successful or not ? 
Thanks !

abhishek.jadhav 28 posts Joined 02/08
06 Nov 2014

I don't think you can find from dbc tables whether a backup job succeeded or failed.
If you use Netvault then under Reports option you can see genearte report option (historic jobs) which will give you status (successful or failed or aborted etc..) of each job alongwith some other good information.You can even schedule this job.
~ Abhishek Jadhav

Abhishek Jadhav

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