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Sharath 6 posts Joined 11/06
10 Dec 2006
Data type for Number(22)

I have a column defined as number(22) in oracle. I need to load the data from oracle to Teradata. What will be suitable coulun data type for Teradata? Can define something like float(22). Is there any restrcition that teradara can't store more than 18 digits for numbers (For Precision)? If so any ideas for this?

leo.issac 184 posts Joined 07/06
11 Dec 2006

From V2R6 we have support for decimals with 38 digits. It is called Large decimal. The below is its description.A large DECIMAL is a DECIMAL data type whose maximum precision is 38. A DECIMAL data type with this increased precision can be used anywhere the DECIMAL data type with 15 or 18 digits can be used. Applications that require the computation of figures in excess of 18 decimal digits are able to do so directly within the database. A large DECIMAL is stored in 16 bytes with the least significant byte first.Alternately,you can define the column to have floating point representation i.e., define column as float.

Fred 1096 posts Joined 08/04
11 Dec 2006

Large Decimal is only available in V2R6.2 or later.In earlier releases you cannot have more than 18 digits precision in numeric fields. FLOAT has much larger range, but less precision.

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